Therapeutic Listening

Our Occupational Therapy department is happy to offer Therapeutic Listening.

Therapeutic Listening OPTC

This program uses music to help children with regulation, attention to task, coordination, sound sensitivity, communication, sensory integration and oral motor skills. The child will listen to music that varies in style, sound, tone, frequency and composition.



Our certified Therapeutic Listening therapists can evaluate the child to determine if Therapeutic Listening would be a beneficial intervention method. This evaluation will consist of the completion of a Sensory Profile, a Functional Assessment Intake and an Occupational Profile.

Music Tracks

A certified Therapeutic Listening therapist will identify the music tracks that will be helpful for the child. The program will consist of listening to a specific track twice a day for 30 minutes per listening session for 2 weeks. The listening sessions need to be completed 3 hours or more apart. The therapist will change the track every 2 weeks. A typical listening program will take about 12 weeks to complete.

OPTC’s Therapeutic Listening Loan Program:

-Therapeutic Listening Headphone Rental: $20 a month

-Rental of Music: $9.99 every 2 weeks with 7 rentals needed for a full program

Total of all Materials: $39.99 per month for 3 months ($119.94 total)

Parents can also purchase the listening materials through Vital Sounds and would require the following items: 

-Therapeutic Listening Headphones: $89-$145

– MP-3 Player: $49

– Modulated Music Chips: $44 each with 6 chips needed for a full program ($264 total)

Total for all Materials: $402-$458

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