What is Scoliosis?

What is scoliosis? 

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine abnormally curves sideways or rotates. Scoliosis can range from mild to severe. It can occur in children and adults. People with mild scoliosis may only need to be seen by their doctor on a regular basis. Those with more severe cases may need braces or surgery.

What are scoliosis signs you can look for in your child? 

Parents or caregivers should watch for the following signs in their child:

  • Uneven shoulders
  • Constant leaning to one side
  • Uneven leg length
  • Prominent shoulder blade(s)
  • An uneven waist or elevated hips

If you notice any of these signs in your child, contact your doctor to have your child screened.

Can my child with scoliosis still exercise and participate in physical activity?

Yes. While it will not cure scoliosis, exercise may lessen any pain related with restricted motion of the spine.

How can OPTC PT help my child with scoliosis? 

Physical therapy can promote flexibility and core strength that can actually reduce your child’s back pain. It can also help with body awareness and increasing your child’s balance. The physical therapist may use manual therapy on your child to restore motion and increase relaxation to their muscles and tissues, due to the body imbalance. The goal is to help your child be able to control their posture with various strengthening and body awareness activities and to decrease discomfort and pain your child may be having. The Therapist will provide education to the family and patient for optimal positioning to attempt to reduce the progression of the spinal curve. 

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