Occupational Therapy

We specialize in improving a child’s physical development, social and emotional development, cognition, and sensory processing skills to help them more fully function in daily life. Our licensed occupational therapy staff offers services to children up to 18 years of age, including early intervention for children from birth to three years of age, private outpatient services, and programs delivered in and through local school systems.

Here Are Some Ways Our Occupational Therapy Team Can Help Your Child:

Therapeutic Listening:

Theraputic Listening is a therapy which uses music to help with regulation, attention to task, coordination, sound sensitivity, communication, sensory integration and oral motor skills. The child will listen to music that varies in style, sound, tone, frequency and composition. Our of our certified Therapeutic Listening therapists can evaluate the child to determine if Therapeutic Listening would be a beneficial intervention method. This evaluation will consist of the completion of a Sensory Profile, a Functional Assessment Intake and an Occupational Profile. 

A certified Therapeutic Listening therapist will identify the music tracks that will be helpful for the child. The program will consist of listening to a specific track twice a day for 30 minutes per listening session for 2 weeks. The listening sessions need to be completed 3 hours or more apart. The therapist will change the track every 2 weeks. A typical listening program will take about 12 weeks to complete.

• Parents can purchase the listening materials through Vital Sounds and would require the following items:

-Therapeutic Listening Headphones: $89-$145 

-MP-3 Player: ~$49 -Modulated Music Chips: $44 each with ~6 chips needed for a full program ($264 total)

Total for all Materials: $402-$458


OPTC’s Therapeutic Listening Loan Program is also available:
-Therapeutic Listening Headphone Rental: $20 a month
-Rental of Music: $9.99 every 2 weeks with ~7 rentals needed for a full program
Total of all Materials: $39.99 per month for 3 months ($119.94 total)

Compression/Weighted Vests:

Does your child frequently fidget, have a short attention span/impulsive, demonstrate frequent meltdowns,  or seem to enjoy falling, bumping into objects or crash/rough play? These are examples of the body’s 6th sense called proprioception. Proprioceptive input can be calming and help to orient the body in space due to nerve endings responding to stretching and
compression. Using a compression or weighted vest can be a great source of proprioceptive input,
resulting in increased attention to task, spatial awareness, grounding and overall regulation.

This Center has changed my children. After a very rough and neglectful early childhood, they both started speech with Beth and Marnee almost completely nonverbal. They had significant delays. They now also see Ms. Rachel for OT. We have seen SO MUCH growth in just the year and a half we’ve been here. My oldest speaks ALL THE TIME now and is on her way out of DD classes at school. And our middle baby who has an epilepsy syndrome can now verbalize and express himself so much better. They are life savers!!!! 

Tayler Clark

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