OPTC Orthotic Services: Five Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Mar 19 11 05 45 AM 1OPTC is happy to offer custom orthotic services and offer pre-made and measured orthotics.

Our physical certified therapists at Oklahoma Pediatric Therapy Center will evaluate your child, cast the mold, and custom fit the orthosis. Physical therapy orthotics and treatments can make a huge difference in your child’s progress.

What diagnosis would benefit from orthotics?
Our pediatric orthotic experts work with young patients ranging from infants to young adulthood offering a full range of leg and foot braces that address the unique needs of each child. Orthotics are used for children such as young athletes to specialty orthoses to help treat chronic conditions and motor impairments, including but not limited to, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, down syndrome, and a variety of neuromuscular disorders. OPTC also offers pre-made orthotics which are often recommended for children with flat feet, toe walking, ankle instability, decreased or excessive ankle range of motion.


What does an orthotic do?
​Depending on the severity of your child’s condition and the treatment goals, a leg and/or foot brace may be used to enhance mobility, improve alignment, correct abnormal walking patterns, protect and support your child’s bones and muscles; all while helping achieve physical therapy goals. With orthotics, the child can experience as much useful movement as possible. Custom orthotics are created with as much flexibility as possible along all planes of motion helping the child have good control and providing support only where is needed.


What are orthotics made of?
AFOs and pre made inserts are the most commonly prescribed orthosis and vary greatly in their design and types of materials used. AFOs may be solid or hinged at the ankle. AFOs that we custom make are made of plastic and/or soft foam inserts. Orthotic inserts fit in the child’s shoe and are made of pliable plastic or foam.


cast1 What should I expect at our orthotic evaluation appointment?
At your appointment, The PT will assess the child’s gait pattern and foot position and recommend a particular orthotic for the patient according to their needs. The patient will be casted for the orthotic creating an orthotic customized for just what the child needs. We have a wide array of colors and patterns to choose from that you can make the orthotic customized to your child.


What happens after the initial evaluation for an orthotic?

At your fitting appointment, your therapist will provide information on how to put on, take off, wear and clean for the brace. They will discuss the importance of wearing the brace and provide encouraging tips for providing the most comfort for the child while wearing them. The therapist will also provide suggestions for the correct shoes to get for your particular brace.

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