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New Therapy Equipment Alert!

OPTC now has a Universal Exercise Unit!!

We are the only therapy clinic in the metro with this incredible and versatile exercise equipment, lovingly referred to as the Spider Cage. Our therapists are ready to use the cage to help kids increase muscle strength, prevent muscle atrophy, increase range of motion, improve balance and so much more!

How Does It Work?

The patient is suspended in the cage with a belt and bungee cords to deliver appropriate amount of support to perform activities independently. The cage allows standing without a therapist’s assistance while allowing freedom of movement and facilitating balance. It also allows the patient to transition between positions and weight-shift for functional movements. The cage can be integrated into a typical therapy session or used as an intensive program.

The Universal Exercise Unit (UEU), includes a pulley system and spider cage.  The pulley system uses weights and pulleys for isolated strengthening of weak muscles to eliminate learned compensations. The spider cage portion of the UEU is a body weight support system that decreases the amount of body weight a child must move against gravity when performing functional activities.  With reduced weight against gravity, the child can perform more controlled and independent movements, which decreases pathological and neurological reactions that affect mobility.

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